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Congressman, Steve Stockman

During his career he has been a part of two House Committees including Banking and Financial Services as well as Committee on Science. He was also a part of three subcommittees:

• Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations

• Subcommittee on Energy
• Subcommittee on Environment

Throughout the years, Steve Stockman, a devout Christian, has strongly opposed any kind of gun legislation, climate change legislation or tax increases. He has always considered that it’s essential to secure ports such as Houston, Cedar Bayou and others as these ports are extremely important to the economy of Texas. Congressman Steve Stockman is a strong believer of small governments If you have any questions or comments for the congressman Stockman, please do not hesitate to contact.

Congressman Steve Earnest Stockman was born in 1956, in Michigan in a deeply conservative family. Both of his parents were Republicans so it’s probably no surprise that the future congressman has also developed strong republican values. From the early age Steve was very curious. He was extremely interested in history and technology.
Steve Stockman got married in 1988 to Patti Ferguson. He says: “I’ve always believed that marriage is sacred. Therefore, when you find someone you love, you have to commit 100% to your partner and there’s no other way, there’s no turning back. After you get married you are responsible for keeping your marriage alive and well. No off days, no second thoughts. You have made your decision and you have to work hard to make it work. Because falling in love gets you only as far. When you have your whole love ahead of you, 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, eventually you will have bad days. But the key to remember is that when you stood there in front of all your loved ones, in front of God, you promised to love each other and be with each other no matter what. You have to keep your promise.
That’s why as a politician, Steve Stockman has always stood for core family values. He always stands up for preserving a strong marriage between a man and a woman, but he also supports the right to equal pay. As a father of two, Congressman also is a strong believer of proper social security, good parenting and building a better America for your children and grandchildren.

Hello and welcome to the home website of the congressman Steve Stockman.

He was recently elected as a member of the House of Representatives in the new Texas 36th District. This is Stockman’s second term in the Congress, the first being 1995-1997 in the Texas 9th District.

In this website you can find a full biography page about Congressman Steve Stockman, his political career, his plans for 2014-2016 congress and more. As Congressman Stockman balance his life now between his Washington office and Texas, you will also be able to find his schedule if you want to meet him or hear him speak.

In th3 Congress 2014 you can read more about Congressman’s plans during these two years in the office including planned legislation, important issues and more. In the News section you will find all the latest news about Steve Stockman.

In you interested in hearing a personal message from the Congressman, visit Meet Steve. In this section he talks about himself, his career and passion, his goals during the upcoming years in the office and more.

The 36th District

Created as a result of the 2010 Census

The first candidates ran in the 2012 House elections

Texas's 36th Congressional District includes

All of Newton, Jasper, Tyler, ect. and Chambers counties, plus portions of southeastern Harris County.

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