Your Obama barf bag

  • Tuesday, December 17, 2013
  • Source: Donny Ferguson
  • by: Donny Ferguson
Your Obama barf bag

Dear liberty patriot,

Obama’s socialism makes me sick!

And I have the barf bag to prove it!

I’m Congressman Steve Stockman, a proud, principled conservative Tea Party Republican now running for the United States Senate.

And I’m saying what no one else in Washington has the backbone to say.

It’s why I have perfect 100% ratings from the American Conservative Union, Gun Owners of America, the National Right to Life Committee and every conservative out there.

Even the liberals at TIME magazine had no choice but to call me “the leader of the Republican Revolution.”

Believe me, they weren’t happy!

I’ve spent the last few years defeating liberals by helping train and launch the Tea Party.

And those liberals are going to hate what I have planned to undo the Obama agenda when I return to Congress!

You see, even if we overcome Obama’s mainstream media cronies, Democrat dirty tricks and his billion-dollar campaign we still need never-compromise conservative leaders in Congress to undo his damaging policies.

Will you stand with me and take back our country from the creeping advance of socialism?

Just go here to chip in $10 to make your Tea Party friends jealous and get your Official Obama Barf Bag.

I’ll send you one bag for every $10 you give.

Obama’s job-killing, freedom-stealing socialism makes me sick to my stomach.

And it makes me sick with anger when I see him shredding the Constitution, exploding our debt, bowing down to foreign dictators and plunging this country into European socialism!

So angry I’m ready to march into the Senate and take down liberalism again!

You see, I’ve done it before.

In 1994 I did the unthinkable – defeating the 42-year incumbent Democrat Chairman of the U.S. House Judiciary Committee in a district that was two-thirds Democrat.

I beat the most senior Democrat in Congress in a district where no Republican had ever won in 150 years.

But I didn’t stop flipping liberal wigs there.

The Establishment told me to keep quiet and not cause a stir.

I’m a never-compromise conservative leaderI don’t listen to the liberal Establishment.

Since I returned to Congress this year:

>> I worked with my friend Senator Rand Paul to introduce legislation blocking Obama’s gun-grabbing executive orders.

>> I introduced legislation to block and nullify all anti-gun UN treaties.

>>  I introduced H.R.35, the Safe Schools Act, to stop school shootings by allowing teachers, parents and school personnel to carry legal firearms on school property.

>> I introduced H.R.577, the Veterans  Second Amendment Protection Act, to stop the gun-grabbing scheme of denying constitutional rights to peaceful veterans who have simply seen a doctor to talk about their wartime experience.

>> I  introduced H.R.3199, the Safe Military Bases Act, to overturn the  dangerous Clinton gun ban on military bases that turned Fort Hood into a killing zone.

>> Along with Senator Rand Paul, I am the House sponsor of the Audit The Fed bill, H.R. 33.

>> I am leading the fight in the House to fully investigate the terrorist attacks in Benghazi.

That’s why I have gone against the D.C. Establishment and filed a discharge petition to force an investigation and to hold Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton legally accountable.

I refused to back down and refused to keep quiet.

And now I want to take our fight to the U.S. Senate, where quisling Republicans have sold us out for too long.

Will you help me take back our country?

Just go here to chip in $10, and I’ll send you an Obama Barf Bag so you can show everyone what you think of Obama’s socialist aggression.

If I win this race, you and I will be able to spend decades repealing Obama’s radical bills, unseating Obama’s radical appointees and ripping out Obama’s radical regulations.

Very few candidates will tell it like I just did.

And none of them have my record of backing it up.

Obama’s socialism is too dangerous to send timid backstabbers to the Senate.

We need take-no-prisoners, right wing leaders who will rip apart, tear out and blow up everything Obama has touched.

Obama’s socialism makes me sick!

I’m offering you a change to undo the Obama agenda...

…and enrage liberals in the process.

Go here to chip in $10 to show me you support me in my campaign to go the Senate and do what I am doing in the House – defeating liberalism so it will never return.

And in return I’ll send you my Official Obama Barf Bag so you can show everyone you won’t back down.


Congressman Steve Stockman
Conservative Republican for U.S. Senate

P.S.  Obama’s socialism makes me sick!  And together you and I can stop it!  I’m Congressman Steve Stockman, leader of the “Republican Revolution” that took Congress.

I’m now running for the United State Senate because quisling Republicans have sold us out for too long.

I need you to show you stand with me against Obama.  For every gift of $10 you make right now, I’ll send you one of my Obama Barf Bags.

Lead the new revolution. Go here to order your official Obama Barf Bag today!

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