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“I don’t understand the debate in some Republican circles about personal liberties. Americans – in our case citizens of the State of Texas, have rights that no foreign or domestic entity can take away. Those rights are enshrined in our state and national Constitutions. To think that someone – anyone – can wipe away your right to a trial, your right to your firearms, your right to free speech, or any other right by decree is anathema to freedom. I’ll stand up to the EPA, the FDA, even the PTA, to defend them to my last breath…” – Steve


Congressman Steve Stockman sponsored a constitutional amendment to prevent citizenship and benefits to anchor babies of illegal aliens

Congressman Steve Stockman sponsored a bill declaring English the official language of the United States


Sponsored bills:

HR 35, Safe Schools Act, repeal the gun free school zones act

HR 410, Restore the Constitution Act, block anti-gun Executive Orders

HR 575, Second Amendment Protection Act, block anti-gun UN treaties

HR 576, Save Endangered Species Act, protect private hunting of certain imported animals

HR 1143, Federal Correctional Workers Safety Act, allow federal prison guards to carry firearms to and from work

HR 2625, Student protection Act, defund schools that punish students for using their fingers, food or other items as a firearm

HR 3199, Safe Military Bases Act, repeal Clinton gun ban on military bases

Cosponsored bills:

HR 1825, Recreational Fishing and Hunting Opportunities Act, greater access for hunting on federal land

HR 2277, to eliminate the sporting purposes test of the 1968 Gun Control Act, wherein imported firearms must be suitable for “sporting purposes”

HR 578, Respecting States Rights and Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, to allow interstate carry of concealed firearms

HR 339, Fairness in Firearms Testing, require ATF to make video recordings of firearms test for use in trial

HR 2247, to allow import of M!-Garand rifles from South Korea

H Res 411, to impeach Eric Holder

H Con Res 23, opposing UN Arms Trade Treaty


Vice Chairman of the Second Amendment Task Force

Hosted briefing with Dick Heller, of DC v. Heller

Hosted briefing with survivor of Stockton, CA school shooting



Sponsor -- HR 2764, Sanctity of Life Act, declares that life begins at conception, and on issues related to killing the unborn removes jurisdiction from federal courts

Cosponsor -- HR 23, Sanctity of Human Life Act, that life begins at conception and the unborn, therefore, are afforded legal protections


Hosted briefing by the Radiance Foundation, featuring speaker conceived in rape and almost aborted.

Congressman Steve Stockman sponsored the ban on Partial Birth Abortions

Congressman Steve Stockman sponsored a bill making it federal law that life begins at conception


Congressman Steve Stockman sponsored “Megan’s Law,” requiring parents to be notified if a sex offender moves into your community


Congressman Steve Stockman sponsored the Defense of Marriage Act to stop federal recognition of homosexual marriage


Congressman Steve Stockman sponsored the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution

Has NEVER voted for a tax hike

Named “The Taxpayer’s Best Friend” by the National Taxpayers Union

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