Brian Babin wins Texas’s 36th District


The voting is in and it completes Steve Stockman’s spell in the 36th District while Congressman Steve Stockman goes for the place I the Senate.

Two years seem to have flown by. Even though he came back to the office with big plans, many of which he achieved, Steve Stockman will not be coming back to Congress on January 4, 2015. 3 January 2013 – 3 January 2015 marked congressman’s second term as a Texas Representative, but this year, instead of the 9th Texas district, he did represent a newly created 36th district.

As his two years were coming to the end, Steve Stockman decided to go for a place in the Senate leaving 36th Texas district to others. Others being Brian Babin, a 67 year old dentist and politician who will represent the district for the next two years. This will be Babin’s first term in the U.S. Congress even though he did run twice before as a republican nominee in the Texas 2nd congressional district but lost both times to the Democrat Jim Turner.

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