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Congressman, Steve Stockman

Steve Stockman is a Texas congressman (R) who has spent over two decades in the office. Standing up for the freedom of Americans, always accessible to his voters, open and honest.
Steve Stockman’s career spanning for two decades in U.S. Congress has been based on honesty and trustfulness. From the first day when he announced he will be running for congress to the last day, Stockman’s campaign was always based on core Republican values. Steve Stockman’s political career started in 1990 when he competed for his first Republican nominee to race for a membership of U.S. House of Representatives in Texas’s 9th district. However, Mayor Maury Meyers did win the eventual nomination. In two years Stockman raced as a sole Republican candidate but just barely lost to Democrat Jack Brooks. As they say, third time was the charm. After dominating the primaries against his fellow Republicans, Stockman faced Democrat Brooks again but this time became the eventual winner. He was the member of the House of the Representatives until 1997. He did return in 2013 though as the congressman and the representative of the new, 36th Texas District.

Hello and welcome to the home website of the congressman Steve Stockman.

He was recently elected as a member of the House of Representatives in the new Texas 36th District. This is Stockman’s second term in the Congress, the first being 1995-1997 in the Texas 9th District.

In this website you can find a full biography page about Congressman Steve Stockman, his political career, his plans for 2014-2016 congress and more. As Congressman Stockman balance his life now between his Washington office and Texas, you will also be able to find his schedule if you want to meet him or hear him speak.

In th3 Congress 2014 you can read more about Congressman’s plans during these two years in the office including planned legislation, important issues and more. In the News section you will find all the latest news about Steve Stockman.

In you interested in hearing a personal message from the Congressman, visit Meet Steve. In this section he talks about himself, his career and passion, his goals during the upcoming years in the office and more.

Steve Stockman

Our News

/ Stockman fails to win Senate

As Steve Stockman‘s second term in the U.S. Congress was coming to an end, he surprised everyone that he would not run for reelection. Instead, he said, he will try to fulfil his full potential and win a place in a Senate...

/ Brian Babin wins Texas’s 36th District

The voting is in and it completes Steve Stockman’s spell in the 36th District while Congressman Steve Stockman goes for the place I the Senate...

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